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Saving the healthcare
industry millions
in capital and supply costs

Our mission at Vantage Outsourcing, a cataract
outsourcing company, is to help make everything
about delivering quality eye care easier, more
affordable and more profitable by providing cataract outsourcing solutions.

  • No maintenance contracts, repairs or ordering replacements
  • Eliminate ophthalmic-related inventory storage and management
  • On-site experienced technical support
  • Satisfy multiple doctors’ equipment choices
  • No IOL headaches
  • Doctors
  • Cataract Outsourcing
  • Benefits of Outsourcing



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Case Studies

Dr. Robert Jones
West Plains, MO

A Vantage client surgeon wanted to expand his practice but needed help with building his referral base in the expansion territory. Vantage touted Dr. Jones' abilities and reputation with local ODs and helped him to quickly ramp up a profitable third satellite location.

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