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Dr. Robert Jones
West Plains, MO

A Vantage client surgeon wanted to expand his practice but needed help with building his referral base in the expansion territory. Vantage touted Dr. Jones' abilities and reputation with local ODs and helped him to quickly ramp up a profitable third satellite location.

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Surgeon calls Vantage “Consistently Great”


By Michael Gabel MD, St. Louis, MO

Surgeons tend to be creatures of habit. Whether we’re in our home location or operating remotely, we treasure consistency. We ideally want all our ORs to have the same or similar equipment, the same instruments, the same supplies and the same level of staff expertise that we’re used to. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not because we’re boring people. It’s because when everything’s the way we expect it to be, we can turn our entire focus on the task at hand, and create the very best possible outcome.

And that’s the main reason I love working with Vantage Outsourcing, the Illinois-based firm that’s in the business of bringing equipment, supplies and expertise to surgical facilities to enable ophthalmologists to do eye surgery.

Three times a month, I venture out to three different Southern Illinois hospitals to do cataract surgery. You might think this would be trouble for someone who insists on consistency. But the truth is that I experience absolutely no drop-off at all. That’s because all the hospitals use Vantage to provide the equipment, instruments, implants, supplies and technical support necessary for cataract surgery.

In fact, the days I operate in those facilities are among the most pleasurable of the month. Vantage not only brings me late-model phaco machines and microscopes, they bring the models I specify. The same is true with intraocular lenses; because of Vantage’s purchasing power, I don’t have to worry about what contract the facility is on or what other physicians are using. The Vantage techs are without parallel — very well trained in running and troubleshooting phaco machines, hard-working, helpful, and as attuned as I am to making surgery as excellent and efficient as possible.

In my case, at least, working with Vantage has provided a tremendous additional benefit: Major practice building assistance. Fifteen years ago I was venturing into Illinois only once a month, to operate in one hospital that used Vantage. But once we had a chance to get to know each other, Vantage helped me connect with the eye care professionals and hospitals in two other Illinois towns. As a result, my surgical volume grew by 20 to 25 percent — an additional 350+ cases per year—all thanks to Vantage!

When Vantage is by my side I always know I’ll start on time, have a smooth and efficient day, and have the best chance I can to create great results for my patients. For peace of mind and partnership they have no peer.

Dr. Gabel, a fellowship-trained corneal specialist, specializes in cataract surgery and corneal surgery.