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Dr. Robert Jones
West Plains, MO

A Vantage client surgeon wanted to expand his practice but needed help with building his referral base in the expansion territory. Vantage touted Dr. Jones' abilities and reputation with local ODs and helped him to quickly ramp up a profitable third satellite location.

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Vantage: My Partner in the OR


By James Lee MD, Colorado Springs, CO

The ideal ophthalmic surgical tech acts almost literally as an extension of the surgeon — a second set of hands. Many surgeons see only one or two of these rare gems in their entire careers. But I’m lucky enough to work with one every day — that is, every day I’m operating with Vantage Outsourcing.

For those of you who don’t know, Vantage is in the business of bringing surgical facilities everything they need to do cataracts. They bring the very latest equipment, implants and supplies, according to the surgeon’s preferences. Wonderful benefits all, but there’s one that’s even more important. With every case, you also get a Vantage surgical coordinator.

Unlike typical hospital techs, who must work with all kinds of surgical technology and as a result have difficulty truly mastering any of it, Vantage techs work only with cataract technology. Before setting foot in the OR, they undergo rigorous six-month training on the procedure. Then they amass tremendous experience, assisting with cataract procedures all day every day.

The result is what might best be described as sort of alter ego for the cataract surgeon. When a Vantage surgical coordinator is running the phaco, a verbal request to change a setting results in the desired result every time. Need an IOL loaded into the inserter? Just say the word and hold out your hand. Need a special device or instrument, like a Malyugin ring? Your Vantage tech will hand it to you before you even ask. When a Vantage tech is in the room, I never have to take my eyes off the scope, my feet off the pedals, or my instruments out of the eye. I’m much more efficient, and my patients are safer.

I’ve operated with Vantage through thousands of cases. In fact, once I discovered the ease and precision in working with Vantage, it made me want to expand to other facilities. Now, I operate in two locations — both with Vantage Outsourcing by my side. Their service is utterly consistent and consistently excellent, helping me provide outstanding care to patients. I’d recommend them without hesitation to any colleague.

Dr. Lee is a cataract and corneal surgeon in Colorado Springs.