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Case Studies

Dr. Robert Jones
West Plains, MO

A Vantage client surgeon wanted to expand his practice but needed help with building his referral base in the expansion territory. Vantage touted Dr. Jones' abilities and reputation with local ODs and helped him to quickly ramp up a profitable third satellite location.

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Hospitals: What Vantage Can Do for You

The mission of every hospital is to deliver the widest possible range of health care services to its community. At the same time, hospitals have budget constraints and must find ways to provide their services in the most cost-effective way while maintaining quality patient care. Vantage Outsourcing offers cataract surgery equipment to help on all fronts.

Cataract Surgery Outsourcing Benefits

Your budgetary, range of service, quality, and bottom line goals can be realized, if you choose to partner with Vantage for cataract outsourcing. How? We take care of the upfront capital investment and provide a trained Surgical Coordinator who can assist with and maintain equipment as well as help the OR staff, so you can:

  • Add cataract surgery and its latest equipment technology to your services at reduced startup costs.
  • Test new phacoemulsification equipment at any time without purchasing.
  • Accommodate your team of multiple surgeons with their preferences in cataract surgery equipment and a wide array of disposables.
  • Recruit doctors without additional fees or payments.
  • Run your existing OR without the headaches of equipment maintenance and surgical product inventory management.
  • Meet your budgetary goals of improving OR efficiencies.
  • Benefit from our consultation on how best to market your eye care program to your community.

Get into the cataract surgery market and/or increase your surgeon staff as well as improve efficiencies with less risk: In partnering with Vantage, you would also be freed of the financial risk involved in purchasing cataract surgery equipment only to have a physician switch to another technology or move to another facility.

If you’d like more information on the benefits of cataract surgery outsourcing, download our Six Secrets to Saving Thousands guide. Partner with Vantage for cataract outsourcing today.