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Dr. Robert Jones
West Plains, MO

A Vantage client surgeon wanted to expand his practice but needed help with building his referral base in the expansion territory. Vantage touted Dr. Jones' abilities and reputation with local ODs and helped him to quickly ramp up a profitable third satellite location.

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Cataract Surgery Equipment – YAG Laser

Nidek’s YC-1800

The quickness and adjustability of this cataract laser treatment system make it the finest available anywhere.

Nidek Nidek’s compact YC-1800 ophthalmic photodisruptor offers the latest in innovative laser delivery and output technologies:

  • The ability to reduce or eliminate IOL pitting with ± 25µ offsets
  • Laser aiming exactness with its rotating dual 635NM beam
  • A “Smart Switch” that allows parameter changes while holding the joystick
  • 0.3 – 10mJ, fully adjustable in increments of 0.1mJ
  • New D-Pulse technology for high-stability pulse control, negating environmental conditions and changes over time
  • Easy connectivity to Nidek’s green-laser photocoagulator (GYC-1000), allowing treatment of a wider range of patients
  • One-Touch Lock for easy fix and release positioning

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We offer the latest in cataract surgery equipment and your choice of cataract surgery disposables and intraocular lenses. Become a Vantage Outsourcing partner and start saving today. Contact us.

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