The Benefits of Vantage Cataract Surgical Services

The mission at Vantage Outsourcing is to help make everything about delivering quality eye care easier, more affordable and more profitable by providing a cataract outsourcing solution.

When our clients allow Vantage to help with “Eye Day” headaches and the logistics involved in running an efficient operating room, they are empowered to focus on what they do best: providing the highest quality health care to their patients.

Advantages of Eye Surgery Equipment Outsourcing

Benefits experienced through cataract surgery outsourcing include:

  • Increased capital budgets – No capital outlay required!
  • Utilization of state-of-the-art equipment
  • Value pricing for preferred brands of IOLs, supplies and disposables
  • Freedom from maintaining ophthalmic equipment
  • Freedom from supply ordering and inventory management
  • Elimination of inventory spoilage and obsolete inventory
  • Additional personnel with highly-trained Vantage surgical coordinator or scrub tech
  • Standardization of supplies
  • Paying ONLY for cases performed
  • Meeting Women-Owned Small Business participation goals

All trained surgical coordinators are cleared through Vendor Clear and Reptrax and follow JCAHO guidelines

How Can Cataract Outsourcing Help You?

As a mobile cataract outsourcing company, Vantage:

Learn how we help government facilities save on capital equipment costs and improve their margins. Reduce medical supply costs with eye surgery equipment outsourcing. Contact us now.