For Hospitals: Our Services

Vantage Outsourcing Cataract Division PosterVantage Outsourcing ophthalmic medical equipment Vantage Outsourcing provides a full complement of OR services and ophthalmic medical equipment to our facility partners. We offer:

The ease of adding cataract surgery to your services and even allowing your physician’s choice of phacoemulsification technology and other ophthalmic medical equipment without the upfront investment, maintenance fees, and full-time staff costs. The ability to recruit doctors free from additional fees or payments. The assistance of a trained and experienced surgical coordinator who can operate and maintain the phaco and other eye surgery equipment and provides helpful knowledge and support to your OR team. Optional YAG laser equipment for physicians who like to incorporate these procedures into the surgery day. For every scheduled procedure, all surgical supplies tailored to your physician’s preferences and your OR needs — with no need for an inventory management staff. Taken as a whole, the services of Vantage Outsourcing help to ensure the efficient operation and turnover of your operating room, which means you can schedule more surgical cases per day and realize greater potential revenue from your OR resources.

With an experienced surgery outsourcing coordinator and the latest in phaco equipment, ophthalmic medical equipment and cataract surgery supplies, you can make your OR more efficient. Partner with Vantage Outsourcing and streamline your OR today.