Vantage Outsourcing recognizes Gibson and Moraski

Corinne Gibson, Instrumentation Supervisor and Jay Moraski, Account Executive, receive outsourcing company’s 2018 first quarter employee service awards.


Vantage Outsourcing CEO, Ann Deters, announces the recipients of the outsourcing company’s first quarter “V” Awards, which are given to two employees each quarter to recognize their commitment, hard work, creativity and customer service.

Gibson and Moraski receive the first quarter awards due to their proven accomplishments, work ethic, and continued dedication to the company’s clients.  

Nominations include these outstanding comments from Corinne’s colleagues:

“When problems arise, she is calm and collected and good at communicating what’s been done and what still needs to be completed.  She works to resolve issues that surface helping make Vantage services successful. Corinne’s knowledge on instruments, inventory and the inner workings is so vital to Vantage.  She keeps the wheels moving forward.  Corinne puts forth extra efforts, particularly when Jason, Larry and Dave are covering in the field.  Often, she is pulled in so many different directions and working 3 peoples’ jobs.  Yet, she manages to pull everything together.  Corinne is always helpful and friendly, no matter the situation.  She is dedicated to Vantage and is a great team player.”

 And these outstanding comments from Jay’s colleagues:

“Jay is a very hardworking individual that expects a lot of himself and his fellow team members. He is always respectful of others.  Jay is pleasant to work with and always has a smile on his face. He is knowledgeable about our systems and utilizes them well.  He is technically sound and able to communicate well about Vantage.  He is very constructive and spends his office day organizing and planning. Jay is open and direct in communicating with internal and external customers. Jay communicates any requests in a way that is easy to accommodate, without follow up or confusion.  He is always respectful of others.  He has a calm demeaner that is laid back and easy going.”

 “We are extremely lucky to have Corinne and Jay as employees at Vantage,” says Deters.