Vantage Outsourcing recognizes Shaw and Zimmerman

Vantage Outsourcing CEO, Ann Deters, announces the recipients of the outsourcing company’s 2018 third quarter “V” Awards, which are given to two employees each quarter to recognize their commitment, hard work, creativity and customer service.


Ron Zimmerman (Staff Choice)

Integrity: Ron always greets our new employees and visitors with a smile and his cheery disposition.  All new hires are made to feel welcome and at home in his presence. He is an excellent representative of our organization’s drive to be friendly and willing to help our clients (internal and external) in any way possible.  He has been very nice and welcoming to me in my new transition here. Also, he is always in a good mood and very pleasant with a smile on his face and can do attitude!

Communication: Ron is always polite with his interactions.  There are days we all have in which we are frustrated or confused, however on those days for Ron, he tries to remain cheerful and openly communicates with others to work through any confusion on his part so that he can perform his job well. 

Commitment: Ron has been put into a new job that has been challenging at times for him, but he has been resilient and been able to embrace his new job duties and find a way in which he can perform with excellence. Ron has taken over weekly  time-consuming duties and done an awesome job.  He  has created a system that will organize the travel into one location that will save time and money for Vantage. THANK YOU, Ron!

Excellence:  Ron is always encouraging others.  He is the cheerleader for many an overwhelmed new hire, as well as any of our veteran employees.


Dawn Shaw (Management Choice)

Integrity: Dawn is professional, honest and forthright with our Team and the customers she interacts with.  She truly enjoys serving others. 

Communication: Dawn promotes open dialogue with her Team and holds them accountable to interacting with each other in a respectful and timely way.

Creativity: Ideas for improvements and ways to enhance service are common discussions with Dawn.  She truly is focused on the customer experience.

Commitment: Dawn never hesitates to step into a role that will help drive Vantage to success and create quality outcomes for our patients and customers. 

Excellence:  Dawn’s naturally positive demeanor and expertise allows her to engage our customers (both internal/external) in a way that consistently exceeds expectations.