What Vantage Can Do for Your Surgery Center

The success of a surgery center hinges on providing quality care, working efficiently, and controlling costs. Vantage Outsourcing helps its surgery center partners realize their profit potential.

With Vantage as your eye care partner, we provide the latest in ophthalmic surgical equipment, surgical instruments and more, and even provide a surgical coordinator to maintain equipment and assist in the OR. Hence, you can:

  • Add cataract surgery to your services without the upfront investment of expensive surgical equipment and surgical instruments.
  • Always provide your surgeons with the newest in phacoemulsification equipment technology.
  • Run your existing OR without the headaches of ophthalmic surgical equipment maintenance and surgical product inventory management.
  • Accommodate your team of multiple surgeons with their preferences of ophthalmic surgical equipment, products and instruments.
  • Meet your budgetary goals of improved OR efficiencies.

Test the cataract surgery market as well as improve efficiencies with less risk.  In partnering with Vantage, you are freed of the financial risk involved in purchasing cataract surgery equipment, products and instruments.

Find out more about partnering with Vantage for Cataract Services today.