I have worked with Cassi for last 1.5 yrs or so in Lawrenceburg TN while I have been doing cataract surgery at the local hospital there. I can truly say it has been a pleasure to work with Cassi. If not for her I very well may not be operating there anymore. She has not only exceptionally done all the things Vantage requires (set up the equipment/make sure all lenses are there/trouble shoot when equipment breaks down ) but she has trained all the staff on how to run an efficient OR for cataract surgery. There are a myriad of things that go into making and OR efficient and she knows all of them. She has been a true partner in making Lawrenceburg work and work well for me. She only accepts the highest quality and her focus on patient care is top notch. She has worked with all the different personalities that exist in Lawrenceburg and has deftly taught them every step of doing modern day high quality cataract surgery. I have worked in many different operating rooms in my 12 years of practice and she ranks at the top of all the staff I have worked with. I look forward to working with her each time I go to Lawrenceburg. I cant imagine there is a better employee at Vantage.

All Vantage staff are always extremely helpful, professional and courteous to the nursing team and the patients.

Sonny is always a good team player.

Kashif is always helpful to the staff.

Jennifer always comes prepared and we can always count on everything running smoothly with her.

Mike always does a great job. He is reliable, knowledgeable, and always willing to help.

Vantage staff are professional and personable.

Mike does an excellent job making sure we have everything we need for each case. He also answers questions promptly and helps the cases go smoothly.

We are so lucky to have Annelise here as our Vantage rep. She is always prepared, early, and is willing to help us out any way she can! We are EXTREMELY happy with her work! The couple times Ciara has come with Annelise, she as well, is helpful and humble.

Jeremiah is always professional, on time and ready to work.

The Vantage team is very engaged in keeping the surgeon satisfied, the patients well cared for and interacting professionally with the staff.

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how happy we are with Annelise as our Vantage Rep. She is always well prepared and is a team player. She shows up early to cases just to make sure everything is perfect for our surgeons. The other day, we had a doctor go earlier than previously booked, but because Annelise always shows up early, we didn't miss a beat. Vantage is a great partner in finding equipment and disposables that our doctors want. Thank you for continuing to provide excellent service for our ophthalmologists and our hospital staff.

Sonny is always a helpful part of the surgery team.

Evan was extremely helpful all day!!

Vantage personnel are always professional and work as a member of the surgical team to ensure that the cases go very well.

Luis is very helpful in explaining what is needed and why. Our facility hasn't had the opportunity to provide cataract services for our community in over 10 years. He has a great attitude and fun to be around. He fits in perfectly!

Sonny always helps out as needed and is easy to work with.

We have had some very busy days the last few months and Sonny helps keep things running smoothly the whole day! Thanks!

Jeremiah and Greg are always very helpful, very knowledgeable about their job, very professional.

Jeremiah is always very helpful and an excellent resource. We had staffing issues that day and having him with us really helped.