We are very satisfied with K--'s work. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with on these busy days.
Southampton Memorial Hospital | (Franklin, VA)

The tech was courteous with staff and patients. He went above and beyond to make the day go smooth.
Illini Community Hospital | (Pittsfield, IL)

T-- is very efficient and skilled at her job. She has a very pleasant attitude and was very easy to work with.
Clay County Hospital - Ashland| (Ashland, AL)

We are super happy with the change to Vantage. D-- and Vantage staff that has come are great and very helpful.
Richland Hospital Inc., The | (Richland Center, WI)

K-- continues to be a strong part of our success on our days with Dr. S--.
Southampton Memorial Hospital | (Franklin, VA)

The technician is very helpful as always. Goes above and beyond what I expect!
Gundersen St. Joseph's Hospital and Clinics | (Hillsboro, WI)

J-- came early, worked well with staff to ensure that everything was ready and ensured that all went smoothly.
Crawford Memorial Hospital | (Robinson, IL)

Your team is always here on time, prepared and ready to work. They are pleasant and nice. We enjoy having you here with us.
Bluefield Regional Medical Center| (Bluefield, IL)

M-- is always helpful and accommodating. He is an excellent source of assistance during the procedures.
Edgerton Hospital and Health Services| (Edgerton, WI)

J-- and K-- are a joy to work with. They come the day prior for equipment setup and to be ready for procedure day helps out tremendously. The procedure day went well. Thank you for all you do.
Franklin Hospital District| (Benton , IL)

T-- is a true go-getter. T-- has everything that we need and anticipates what Dr D-- may need.
St. Mary's Sacred Heart Hospital | (Lavonia, GA)

D-- was very knowledgeable, organized and patient. He provided up front everything that was needed to make the day progress smoothly. The equipment was wiped down by him first thing when he arrived
Wamego Health Center | (Wamego, KS)

G-- continuously helps with turnover of patients and she goes beyond.
Athens Eye Surgery Center| (Athens, GA)

All the employees are extremely helpful getting the cases setup and completing the cases.
LaGrange Surgery Center | (LaGrange, IN)

K--always here on time and set up in the room before the time to start. He is very friendly and cooperative.
Bluefield Regional Medical Center| (Bluefield, WV)

F--'s overall assisting with changeover between procedures was top notch and knowledge of equipment.
Ambulatory Surgery Center at Dupont Hospital | (Ft. Wayne, IN)

M-- took it upon himself to adjust the brightness on my screen so I could see better. He is always so helpful and thinking of others. He does a wonderful job and we are happy to have him!
Gundersen St. Joseph's Hospital and Clinics | (Hillsboro, WI)

Your representatives function as a member of our OR team. They seamlessly help ensure that our cases go very well.
Crawford Memorial Hospital | (Robinson, IL)

All the techs are exceptional and well prepared.
Edgerton Hospital and Health Services | (Edgerton, WI)

The Vantage team is always prepared and ready to help out in any way. We appreciate their willingness to adapt to our ways with best interests to meet our patient's needs.
Bluefield Regional Medical Center | (Bluefield,, WV)