Courtney always communicates her expected arrival times to our facility and stays late making sure we have everything ready to go for the next day cases.

Curt is extra helpful.  Does things like help me know when my supplies get low.

Excellence is the standard that we are used to from Vantage!

New employee was very knowledgeable and asked questions about our facility and was very pleasant.

Greg was very prepared and facilitated running two rooms by himself.  Doctor was very happy with times and turnarounds.

The caller said she was behind a Vantage van through town and on the bypass and he was driving the speed limit, using turn signals and obeying stop light.  She wanted to call in because she assumed we usually get negative calls. – Driving call in Mishawaka area

Great Team, want to thank Joe Shellem for the lunch we received, Discussed with Joe about adding iStents for a Vantage resource to bring instead of us purchasing them. 

Kay and Dawn are always amazing to work with!  Kay does an awesome job at “investigating” what is going on in and around town to find out where referrals are going and making sure we are capturing our share of the market.

Jeff Repking in lens ordering has been wonderful!!!!!!  He is so helpful and kind.

Curt has helped me keep my stock of supplies where it is needed now that main eye room nurse has gone to part-time.

Always friendly and courteous.

Youlanda is always on top of things, helpful in room turnovers and assisting ORT.

Aaron was extremely professional and we look forward to working with him again!

Dawn had to drive through some very treacherous conditions to get here!!  Not only is she an amazing tech, but obvious she has mad driving skills as well!!  We absolutely love the Vantage staff!!

Aaron is very helpful and friendly, we enjoy having him here.

Keith, Juwana & Youlanda always do a great job at our facility. They are always happy to jump in and help in any way they can. They always work hard to keep our day running smoothly.

Sonny is amazing!

Ashton is always on time and has her equipment ready.  We are very thankful for her help in resolving an issue with a supplier for eye shields by offering to add clear shields to all our packs and not just specific doctors.  Very helpful!

This is the level of professionalism that we have come to expect!

The entire Vantage team went above and beyond to help with room turnover, setup etc... They really helped my team to make sure the day ran smoothly. Our eye days show everyone what teamwork is really about! Thanks for all you do!