The Vantage Package: Cataract Surgery Products

The Vantage Package

Vantage Outsourcing provides its facility and surgeon partners everything they need to efficiently and cost-effectively conduct eye-related surgeries. We take a “vendor-neutral” approach to meeting our clients’ equipment and product needs. 

Included in the Package
  • A large selection of ophthalmic medical equipment including phacoemulsification, YAG laser, and microscope equipment — which we continually update in order to offer our clients the latest improvements in technology.
  • Disposable cataract surgery products tailored to each surgeon’s specifications.  We stock an ever-increasing variety of individual products and customized packs.
  • A wide choice of intraocular lenses from all of the major ophthalmic manufacturers, which we stock, track and replenish so that you don’t have to.
  • Standardized or customized micro-surgical instrument trays designed for cataract procedures. 

All of this is backed by the expertise of our trained personnel in the field and a staff at our home office with many years of experience in customer service and extensive knowledge of ophthalmic technology, ophthalmic medical equipment and surgical efficiencies. Contact Vantage Outsourcing.