Phacoemulsification Surgery Equipment

Want to try the latest phacoemulsification surgery equipment? By partnering with Vantage, you have the opportunity to work with modern equipment without making a huge investment. This means you can have the most up-to-date equipment to perform your quality surgeries and be charged only when you use our services.

Vantage’s cataract outsourcing services include everything you need for surgery day. In addition, you get a Surgical Coordinator, who is knowledgeable about the phacoemulsification equipment you choose and can assist throughout the entire surgery day.

Below are explanations of some of our phaco equipment choices.

Alcon CENTURION® Vision System

Alcon Centurion The CENTURION® Vision System is the only lens removal system to utilize Active Fluidics™. This innovative new technology is designed to allow surgeons to work in a more consistent physiological IOP range and improve surgeon control over the ocular fluidic environment during every moment of the cataract procedure.

The next chapter in cataract removal efficiency begins with the CENTURION® Vision System. Together with OZil® IP and the INTREPID® Balanced Tip, the CENTURION® Vision System provides a Balanced Energy™ solution for efficient and adaptive cataract emulsification.

As surgical procedures evolve, CENTURION® Vision System's "future-oriented" design allows for easy upgradability over time and smooth integration with current and upcoming technologies.

Information from manufacturer’s website

Alcon INFINITI® Vision System

Perform individualized, precise cataract surgery.

Alcon Infiniti The INFINITI® Vision System provides you with options for efficient and safe cataract lens removal offering a combination of unparalleled fluidics with two unique energy delivery systems:

  • OZil® Torsional Handpiece
  • AquaLase® Liquefaction Device

These technologies not only provide improved fluidic stability but also increased control. This results in better surgical outcomes and safety than with traditional phacoemulsification equipment. In addition, you can:

  • Customize to each individual patient’s anatomical variations and needs
  • Customize to your surgical technique

As compared to traditional ultrasound, Torsional phaco promises improved efficiency, precise energy delivery, and reduced repulsion for increased followability. It also boasts an improved thermal safety profile, as compared to traditional ultrasound and same power modulations.

Another feature of the INFINITI® Vision System is micro-coaxial technology, an element that permits less invasive procedures without compromising surgical techniques or lens removal technologies.

Information from manufacturer’s website

Bausch & Lomb Stellaris™ Vision Enhancement System

For surgeons transitioning to microincisional phacoemulsification equipment.

B&L Stellaris The Stellaris™ System was designed with the help of leading cataract surgeons from around the world. It delivers fluidics and power for exceptional safety and efficiency. Also, it was developed with ergonomics in mind for ease in microincision techniques.

With the Stellaris EQ™, you can choose either a/an:

  • Flow-vacuum module (AFM)
  • Advanced vacuum module (AVM).

By using the flow-based module, you can switch between flow and vacuum modes for optimal surgical flexibility and efficiency. In addition, because of EQ technology, the inherent safety of the Stellaris™ system balances aspiration dynamics in flow and vacuum modes for exceptional chamber stability.

For today’s more demanding ORs, the Stellaris™ System offers a new ergonomically-designed, six-crystal phaco handpiece, Bluetooth wireless-enabled dual-linear foot pedal, and high-definition touch-screen display.

Information from manufacturer’s website

Abbott Medical Optics WHITESTAR Signature™ System

More than just the latest phaco technology — it’s a brand new surgical platform.

AMO Whitestar Signature The WHITESTAR Signature™ System comes from the company that has pioneered virtually every major breakthrough in phacoemulsification equipment technology in the past two decades. This technology represents a technological breakthrough in safe, easy lens removal that only now is available to the cataract surgeon.

Only the WHITESTAR Signature™ System combines:

  • The safety of revolutionary Fusion™ Fluidics
  • The optimized cavitation of WHITESTAR® Technology

With the integration of these technologies comes more flexibility for removing both hard and soft lenses.

Information from manufacturer’s website


Vantage Outsourcing offers other phacoemulsification surgery equipment, such as:

  • Alcon Series 2000 Legacy®
  • Bausch & Lomb Millennium™ Microsurgical System
  • Abbott Medical Optics Sovereign®

We are dedicated to helping our partners get what they need to provide their communities with the quality service and innovative technology that patients expect. Contact Vantage Outsourcing today with your surgical equipment requirements.

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