Vantage Outsourcing is a premier intraocular lens (IOL) supplier. Vantage maintains consignments of posterior, anterior and specialty lenses from all of the major vendors, in order to provide our clients with their preferred lenses. Being an intraocular lens supplier for our clients frees their OR staff from the administrative overhead of managing, reporting and replenishing consignment inventory. For help with any questions you may have, consider our IOL coordinator your liaison for all of your IOL needs. The IOL Coordinator manages all consignments and works closely with you to ensure that all of the necessary IOLs will be with you on the day of surgery.

Contact Vantage today to learn more about outsourcing cataracts and the intraocular lens brands we supply.

Vantage is currently an Intraocular Lens Brands Supplier of:

Abbott Medical Optics
Bausch & Lomb
STAAR Surgical

We are proud to supply some of the most popular intraocular lens brands used today. Browse our selection to find the intraocular lens brands that best suit your needs.

Additional Vantage Outsourcing Solutions

Vantage Outsourcing provides our facility and surgeon partners with everything they need to efficiently and cost-effectively conduct eye-related surgeries. Find out more about our selection of cataract surgery instrumentsand our custom cataract surgery kits.