Bausch & Lomb Intraocular Lens Brands

Bausch & Lomb’s suite of cataract surgery products includes a selection of intraocular lens brands. This healthcare company has a long history of providing innovative products using new materials and technologies. All Bausch & Lomb products satisfy their mission to help people see better to live better. B&L offers intraocular lenses and delivery systems featuring the SofPort™ and Akreos™ brands of IOLs.

Vantage Outsourcing is an intraocular lens supplier of Bausch & Lomb. Among the B&L intraocular lens brands that Vantage stocks are:

  • Akreos™ IOL (AO60)
  • SofPort™ (LI61AO)
  • SofPort™ (LI61AOV)
  • Crystalens® IOL (HD500)
  • PMMA IOL (P574UV, P359UV)

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