STAAR Surgical Intraocular Lens Brands

STAAR Surgical Company believes in the importance of improving the efficiency, convenience and comfort of corrective eye surgery for medical professionals and patients. This is why the company continually evaluates their intraocular lens products to ensure they’re providing the best to their customers. STAAR Surgical Company’s comprehensive offering of intraocular lens brands are all developed, manufactured and distributed globally.

In order to satisfy various cataract surgical correction needs, from basic cataract removal to astigmatic surgical correction, STAAR Surgical Company has designed distinct IOL models. The Afinity™ Collamer IOL (available in both single piece and 3-piece models) is highly biocompatible. The STAAR Toric™ IOL is designed for cataract patients with astigmatism between 1.5D and 3.5D. STAAR Surgical Company's IOLs are available in a single piece, 3-piece and aspheric models.

Vantage Outsourcing is an intraocular lens supplier of STAAR Surgical. Among the STAAR intraocular lens brands that Vantage stocks are:

  • Afinity™ Collamer Lens (CQ2015A)
  • Elastic Silicone IOL (AA-4204VL, AA-4204VF)
  • NanoFlex™ Collamer Aspheric (CC4204A)
  • Silicone Elastimide IOL (AQ2010V, AQ2015A, AQ5010V)
  • Elastic Silicone IOL (AA-4203TL, AA-4203TF)

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