Cataract Surgery Products: Custom Cataract Surgery Kits

One of the key features that makes the Vantage business model work so well for our clients is that, in addition to their desired equipment choices, they receive, as part of “[The Vantage Package](/vantage-package),” all of the disposable cataract surgery products required to perform each surgical case. Before Vantage makes its first appearance at a new client, we work with the surgeon to put together a custom cataract surgery kit of disposables according to his/her specifications and then make sure that these products are always at hand before surgery day arrives.

Partner with Vantage today and receive The Vantage Package of cataract surgery products customized for you. Vantage stocks disposables from all of the major industry vendors. Here is a sampling of our viscoelastic choices and an example customized cataract surgery kit:


Viscoelastic choices are a high priority with most surgeons. Our viscoelastic choices allow for surgeons to select products specific to their surgical technique. Vantage Outsourcing stocks all of the major manufacturers’ viscoelastic products.


Alcon Cellugel CELLUGEL® ophthalmic viscosurgical device is an advanced, patented HPMC viscoelastic formula, combining clinical performance, economy and convenience. The physicochemical properties and handling characteristics of CELLUGEL® are ideal for anterior segment surgery.

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DISCOVISC® - Alcon Discovisc

Alcon Discovisc DISCOVISC® ophthalmic viscosurgical device is the first cohesive and dispersive viscoelastic to combine higher viscosity cohesives and lower viscosity dispersives in a single syringe to provide superior retention, space maintenance and visual clarity during all key phases of cataract surgery. Additionally, it is easily removed at the end of surgery.

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DUOVISC® - Alcon Duovisc

Alcon Duovisc DUOVISC® Viscoelastic system provides the dispersive benefits of VISCOAT® viscosurgical device and the cohesive benefits of PROVISC® viscosurgical device in one disposable package. The use of VISCOAT® viscoelastic solution in the initial phases of surgery takes advantage of the solution’s tissue protection properties. The use of PROVISC® viscoelastic material during the later phases of the surgery takes advantage of the properties that make it better suited for the expansion of the capsular bag and implantation of the intraocular lens following the cataract extraction. The separate syringes enable surgeon personalization of application to achieve optimum surgical control.

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PROVISC® - Alcon Provisc

Alcon Provisc PROVISC® Viscoelastic Preparation is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, high molecular weight, noninflammatory highly purified fraction of sodium hyaluronate, dissolved in physiological sodium chloride phosphate buffer. Each mL of PROVISC contains active 10.0mg sodium hyaluronate; 0.56mg dibasic sodium phosphate, anhydrous; 0.04mg monobasic sodium phosphate; 8.4mg sodium chloride; hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide to adjust pH and water for injection.

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VISCOAT® - Alcon Viscoat

VISCOAT® ophthalmic viscosurgical device is a highly retentive, dispersive viscoelastic. It is characterized by low molecular weight, low pseudoplasticity and low surface tension. It provides good space maintenance and excellent tissue protection. It is available in a .50 mL size or as part of the DUOVISC® viscoelastic system.

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Amvisc® - Bausch & Lomb Amvisc

Well suited for use with every cataract procedure, Amvisc® is a general-purpose viscoelastic that is both effective and efficient. With Amvisc, there are a variety of bottom-line advantages.

  • The high viscosity of Amvisc enables it to achieve excellent chamber maintenance during lens insertion and removal
  • High cohesion makes complete viscoelastic removal quick and easy

Amvisc® is the right viscoelastic agent for the surgeon who performs cataract surgery using the planned extracap technique. Amvisc possesses sufficient viscosity for excellent chamber maintenance during lens removal. Amvisc is highly cohesive so that complete removal at the end of the case is easily and quickly accomplished. The Amvisc viscoelastic agent is available in two syringe sizes, 0.5ml or 0.8ml.

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Amvisc® PLUS - Bausch & Lomb Amvisc PLUS

No other single viscoelastic works for you in cataract surgery like Amvisc® PLUS viscoelastic. It's the only viscoelastic that adds the plus of cohesive versatility for every stage of the cataract procedure. Amvisc PLUS viscoelastic is molecularly engineered with a versatile range of cohesion that provides lasting chamber retention plus efficient removal at the end of the case. Cohesive versatility allows you to do what you want to do throughout the procedure, without needing a second viscoelastic.

  • During capsulorhexis, creates and maintains a deep chamber for a controlled capsulorhexis and a clear, unobstructed view of the rhexus perimeter.
  • During lens implantation, inflates the bag fully for IOL placement, while allowing easy haptic placement and lens rotation.
  • During phacoemulsification, stays in the chamber with cohesive versatility and provides excellent cell protection.
  • During aspiration, facilitates easy, complete lens removal at the end of the case and results in clear corneas, post op, day one.

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OcuCoat® - Bausch & Lomb OcuCoat

Formulated from a 2% hydroxypropyl methylcellulose solution, OcuCoat® is ideal for high-volume, small-incision cataract surgery. It can be used for a variety of applications, including lens inserter lubrication.

  • OcuCoat can be used directly on the cornea and its excellent coating properties help protect endothelial cells
  • The enhanced clarity of OcuCoat enables an unobstructed view of the surgical field throughout capsulorhexis and phaco
  • Low molecular weight allows for rapid removal with minimal risk of elevated intraocular pressure

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Healon 5® - Abbott Medical Optics Healon 5

AMO Healon 5 Proven safe worldwide in over 40 million eyes, the family of Healon® OVDs is the reliable standard by which all other viscoelastics are measured.

  • Unique dual-property viscoadaptive-behaves like a cohesive and a dispersive agent
  • Designed to maximize control throughout surgery
  • Helps provide better-controlled capsulorrhexis, phacoemulsification, and lens placement
  • Outstanding endothelial protection
  • Latex free

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Healon GV® - Abbott Medical Optics Healon GV

AMO Healon GV Proven safe worldwide in over 40 million eyes, the family of Healon® OVDs is the reliable standard by which all other viscoelastics are measured.

  • High viscosity for increased anterior chamber expansion and maintenance
  • Highest molecular weight of any ophthalmic viscoelastic device on the market
  • Expands anterior chamber and flattens anterior capsule to facilitate capsulorrhexis

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Healon® - Abbott Medical Optics Healon

AMO Healon Proven safe worldwide in over 40 million eyes, the family of Healon® OVDs is the reliable standard by which all other viscoelastics are measured.

  • Known and trusted for over 25 years
  • Outstanding clarity
  • High viscosity for space creation and dependable endothelial cell protection
  • Posterior chamber expansion for easy maneuvering and facilitated IOL implantation
  • Easy to inject and remove
  • Latex-free
  • Cohesive

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Custom Pack

Vantage Customized Cataract Surgery Kits - Various Manufacturers Vantage Customized Cataract Surgery Kits

Custom Pack Vantage Outsourcing offers a selection of sterile surgical disposables, such as drapes and gowns, which can be combined into a customized cataract surgery kit especially designed to promote ease of use and safe handling practices for an extensive range of surgical procedures. Each custom cataract surgery kit is individually designed and can be either hospital- or surgeon-specific. The components of the cataract surgery kit are packed in exactly the same sequence every time for increased efficiency. Vantage Outsourcing can help you and your facility:

  • Save money in supply costs
  • Reduce surgical setup time
  • Streamline your onsite inventory
  • Eliminate waste by specifying only the items you want in a pack