What Is Cataract Surgery Outsourcing?

It is the mission of Vantage Outsourcing to help eye care providers gain access to affordable, state-of-the-art equipment for their hospitals and surgery centers. In effect, these hospitals and surgery centers can then offer the absolute best in eye care to their communities, large and small, at reasonable prices.

With cataract surgery outsourcing, you do not need to purchase any of the expensive equipment necessary to perform the surgery. All you need is a qualified surgical ophthalmologist and an OR, and you will always have the ability to perform surgeries with the latest ophthalmic equipment of your choice.

The Advantages of Eye Surgery Equipment Outsourcing

If you wanted to test the cataract surgery market, cataract surgery outsourcing is a great way to do a trial period without investing in the expensive equipment. If you already perform surgeries, Vantage eye surgery equipment outsourcing can save your overall costs for:

  • Eye surgery equipment repairs and upgrades
  • Shipping fees from the intraocular lens suppliers
  • Scheduling personnel and OR labor

Plus, you pay only when the service is used.

Vantage Outsourcing is a vendor-neutral supplier, meaning it negotiates purchases of eye surgery equipment, supplies and disposables from all manufacturers to offer the best possible pricing to clients, even those who require customized, multi-brand packages. Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Hospitals can make cost-efficient allocations of resources due to the value-based pricing strategy employed by Vantage.

In addition, your Vantage Outsourcing partner takes care of all compliance and regulations standards, including Medicare compliance paperwork.

You can be assured of quality, too, as Vantage Surgical Coordinators must go through our Vantage training and certification program for equipment and surgical procedures. Download our helpful guide to find out more about how to easily make the transition from equipment owner to cataract outsourcer.

You will also save time with cataract surgery outsourcing because each surgical suite is set up by your Vantage partner and ready to go. All you have to do is scrub in and perform the surgery. Your designated Vantage Surgical Coordinator remains with you on site to answer any questions and maintain the equipment. See cataract surgery outsourcing in action.

Contact Vantage Outsourcing to discover how eye surgery equipment outsourcing can help your practice run more efficiently.

Did you know Medicare reimburses within 14 days of filing the claim? If you partner with Vantage Outsourcing, you get 15 days of free cash flow because payment of services is not required for 30 days.